You Like Challenging Trip? Just Visit Wae Rebo Flores

You like adventure and learn new cultures from the tribes of the interior, then you can feel the sensation at Wae Rebo Village. There is a village located in a high place, so it is often called the village on the clouds.

This village has a very unique traditional house shape and so does the material to make the house. In this rural area, it is still very natural, so don’t expect you to meet with minimart. You should also prepare yourself to bring thick clothes because the weather there is cold.

Ways to Get to Wae Rebo Lodge

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You are curious about the nearest lodging to reach Wae Rebo Lodge. You who are in Labuan Bajo need to go to Ruteng for Dintor by bus or car rental. You need 7 hours to get to this inn.

Stay at Wae Rebo Lodge

wae rebo lodge

You have the desire to be able to stay in that place, then you can stay at Wae Rebo Lodge in Dintor. The location of this Lodge has located 4 km from the last stop of Mount Wae Rebo which is made of wood.  Even more interesting is the location of the lodge which is surrounded by large rice fields.

There are not many facilities that you can enjoy at the Lodge, because there are only standard facilities available. However, the number 1 cleanliness problem remains for this lodge, so that people who stay can still feel comfortable. The price of renting a room in this lodge is IDR 250,000 / person for 2016.

Prices can change with each passing year. The price you have to pay includes the price of breakfast.

Hiking Activities Towards Wae Rebo Village

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You must be very curious about what activities you can do there. Surely in the morning, you can start hiking to go to Wae Rebo village. Every person who is hiking needs to start from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours to get to the village from Wae Rebo Lodge.

You and the team should start the journey from 7 am. You don’t need to struggle to bring equipment to climb the mountain. You only need to prepare drinking water, towels, hiking shoes, and a change of clothes. On the way to reach the village, you will be able to see a mini waterfall.

Activity After Arriving at Wae Rebo Village

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When you and your team go to Wae Rebo, a local guide will come and invite you to tour the village on a Wae Rebo trip. You can also see the whole village from above surrounded by a lot of fog similar to clouds.

A local guide will explain about basically only 7 main houses there. You will also be able to see first-hand the daily life of the people in the area and see the farmers working their fields to grow Robusta and Arabica coffee. They will usually sell the harvest to the market in Dintor.

You can also buy souvenirs from the village in the form of woven fabrics with typical rural motifs of Wae Rebo. There are many tourists who are interested in this type of fabric because it is very unique and handmade. You can become this as a souvenir after returning from the Wae Rebo tour.

You who are adventurous are definitely challenged to be able to go to the countryside, right? You can immediately contact the Wae Rebo Lodge to be able to stay there while ordering flight tickets.

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Make sure you have prepared everything properly for supplies while on vacation at Wae Rebo Flores. You also do not need to bring a lot of money in this place, unless indeed if you intend to buy a lot of souvenirs. You can share this information with friends and family who will go on vacation.

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