Visiting Elephant Cave, A Historical Temple in Ubud

You’re looking for tourist attractions in Bali that are hits and famous? Visiting the Elephant Cave will be one of the right choices. Besides having a religious history, this tour also has its beauty. The name of the Ubud Elephant Cave Bali is taken from a sculpture displayed in front of the cave and is considered to resemble an elephant. This cave was a place of worship in ancient times. 

Nowadays, the cave becomes one of the most-visited tourism objects. Are you attracted to have a holiday there? Let’s see a glimpse.

What You Need to Know About Elephant Cave

elephant cave ubud bali

This Elephant Cave location is right on the edge of a cliff in the Bedulu region.

Ubud Elephant Cave Location is about 26 kilometers from the city of Denpasar, Bali. To go to the location, you will take an approximately 1-hour drive from Denpasar City. 

How to reach the place? You can use private vehicles or public transportation to get to these attractions.

For tourists who want to take a vacation to Ubud Elephant Cave and enter the tourist location, tourists will be charged an entrance ticket of Rp.30,000 per person. These prices are subject to change at any time following the policies of the tour manager.

 If you bring a private vehicle, then you will be charged a parking fee in the Ubud Cave area of ​​IDR 5,000 for cars and IDR 2,000 for motorbikes. That way, the security of your vehicle is handled by the parking attendant.

  • Accommodation near Ubud Elephant Cave

When traveling for a few days, you will need an accommodation to stay and stay. There are lots of hotels or homestays around the Elephant Cave in Ubud. You choose the accommodation that suits you.

The Ambience and Security

Because it is located in a rural area and close to a cliff, the Elephant Cave has a very calm and quiet atmosphere. This tour is far from the noise of vehicles and the city crowd. 

A tranquil atmosphere is perfect for those of you who are running from the hustle of the city. Or, want to have a very picturesque trip

When you are in this tourist spot, you will feel tranquility with beautiful natural scenery with Balinese characteristics that are very thick. Even you can freely enjoy the fresh air in this rural area.

This cave has been designated as a tourist attraction. Thus, the managers have arranged and arranged each point of the tourist location to keep it safe for tourists to visit. 

For safety while at the tourist site, follow the instructions of the officer not to do bad things. And since it is a place of worship, wear modest clothes when visiting the Ubud Elephant Cave tour. 

Existing Facilities in the Elephant Cave of Ubud

elephant cave location

As with other tours, Ubud Elephant Cave provides complete facilities for tourists. You will easily find a variety of public facilities such as toilets, seating, and food stalls that exist at every point.

To find information about tourist sites and so on, you can ask the officers who will usually go around monitoring each location point. You can also ask for help or guidance when in a tourist location.

Being religious tourism, maybe this Elephant Cave temple does not have a vehicle to play as well as other tourist attractions. However, with beautiful nature and unique cave objects, you can use it to take pictures and capture the best moment.

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Well, that’s some information about Elephant Cave Ubud. So, have you planned to travel to this place? That must be an excellent time for you.

Consider sharing the information of Ubud Elephant Cave to your friends. Maybe they are interested in going there with you. Have a great holiday ahead!

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