Catching the Magnificent Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot temple is highly recognized as the iconic feature of Bali, especially the silhouette of it during the sunset. Due to its strong cultural and historical background, Tanah Lot becomes one of the busiest and most visited temples in Bali. Stand tall on a sea rock, embracing the Indian ocean, you can’t miss this sacred place during your holiday in Bali.

No matter whether you’re a sunset chaser or want to admire the local myth and nurtured ceremonies, Tanah Lot temple offers you such a blend of magic. Get to know it closer now.

How to Get There

tanah lot temple bali

Tanah Lot temple Bali is located in the famous Tabanan regency, specifically in a small village called Beraban. You can easily access it through Denpasar’s main road until you reach Kediri and make a southwest turn to Tanah Lot. The easiest for you to travel is by renting a scooter as it helps you to avoid congested traffic as well.

It opens every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the busiest hours are after 4 p.m. as people will arrive to see the majestic Tanah Lot temple sunset. Hence, if you’re looking forward to experiencing the temple in calmer circumstances, then you might go early in the morning, preferably before 9.

Tanah Lot temple entrance fee is IDR 20K for domestic tourists and IDR 60K for international tourists. You can access the facilities such as spacious parking areas, restrooms, cafeteria, souvenir stores, and also the tourism information center.

What to Explore

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There are a couple of temples in this 3-hectare area, making it a wonderful Tanah Lot temple tour if you’re eager to explore each building. Situated at the other side of the coastline, you can reach the main temple when the tide is low. Unfortunately, it’s not opened to the visitor to prevent the rocks from getting more pressures.

However, you still can reap the blessings from the temple when you’re drinking and rubbing yourself with Tanah Lot temple holy water called Beji Kaler. You can also make a small donation as a form of gratitude. If you’re coming here during Odalan ceremony, that is usually held once every 210 days, you’re going to see the row of Balinese women bringing offerings to the temple.

Another famous story about this sacred place is the sea snake lying in a cave under the rock. It is widely believed that the snake protects the temple from any malefactor or anyone who wants to do harm to Tanah Lot. Hence, it is common to come to this place with good intentions, honesty, and make sure that you behave accordingly to the local norms.

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If you want to make a visit to Tanah Lot temple, don’t forget to prepare your camera and lenses, and take your best shot as the view is too magnificent to be missed out. If you find this article will be a helpful guide, please do share it on your social media. Enjoy your trip and make the most of it!

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