Samosir Island: An Astounding Origin of Batak Culture to Explore

Have you ever heard of Samosir Island? It is a mainland located in the center of the famous Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Indonesia.  This island along with its surroundings is the heart of the Batak culture in Toba region. You can find the magnificent Batak traditional houses and stunning traditional crafts delicately made by the locals.

The fresh air and all the pristine nature are the best getaways to enjoy apart from the busy city and demanding works. Embrace all the serene, eerie along with the wonderful natural ambiance that is generously offered by Samosir island Lake Toba and have an unforgettable vacation here.

Exploring Samosir Island Indonesia

Once you arrive at this Batak land, there are a lot of things to explore and do. Here are several things you will want to visit and discover on this gorgeous island:

Explore Old-style Batak Villages

samosir island lake toba

This should be one of your top lists to do when visiting Samosir island where you can learn about the fascinating and unique Batak Culture. You will soon find out that the Batak ethnic groups own a compelling history.

Batak people were told to be ferocious warriors of the tribal people’s descendants. One of the scary rituals they perform in public include cannibalism and beheading every enemy or tribe members who committed a crime.  They even still perform this ritual up to the 19th century.

The authentic Batak Villages you can visit on this island are Tomok Village, Lumban Suhi Suhi and Ambarita. Beautiful traditional houses, waving cloth known as ulos and other crafts are things to admire here aside from the friendly locals.

Batu Persidangan (The Kings Stone Chairs)

batu persidangan

This unique set of chairs encircling a stone table in the center is actually an ancient juridical. They will publicly trial the wrongdoers in this set of chairs and will behead every serious criminal. It is said that once the person is executed, his body is mutilated and parts of the body were distributed to the people to eat.

Admiring Amazing Waterfalls

waterfall samosir island

This island hosts a number of unbelievable waterfalls. Sipiso-piso waterfalls are the most remarkable one due to its 120-meter height.  The Binanga Bolon waterfalls is also worth exploring because of its beauty. However, you need to go through a rough terrain to reach the site.

Shop at the Tomok Local Market

tomok local market

Batak is well known for its waving cloth known as ulos. You can hunt this gorgeous piece of cloth in the local market at a reasonable price. You can also hunt for various different kinds of traditional crafts and souvenirs offered by the locals. Don’t forget to taste its cuisine such as the well-known mie gomak. So, make sure that this activity is included in your Samosir island tour.

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How to Reach Samosir Island Indonesia

samosir island

From Medan, you can take a bus or your own vehicle to reach Parapat before getting into a ferry that will bring you to Tuktuk and Tomok in Samosir. It will take you about four to five hours driving from Medan to Parapat. Do you think that Samosir island in interesting and worth visiting? Share this article on your social media to help people who are eager to visit Lake Toba and the particular Samosir island.

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