Explore The Hidden Natural Painting by Climbing Mount Bromo

The popularity of Mount Bromo tourism is no doubt. The number of tourists who increase annually proves that this one tourist destination should not miss, especially if you like wildlife activities.

Unlike other mountain tours, Bromo offers a fun experience to enjoy the beauty of nature without the boundaries. Want to know more? Here’s the full review.

Penanjakan Hill

bromo mountain

On the side of Mount Bromo, some hills crowded with foreign and local tourists. Bukit Penanjakan 1 and 2 be the best spot for you who want to watch the sunrise in the cracks of misty valleys and peaks of the mountain.

The scenery on the hill will seize your attention shortly you arrive at this location. The path of the climb is still entirely safe to climb, and this location can also reach by Jeep or motorbike.

Hill of Love and Hill KingKong

bromo jawa timur

After climbing Hill Penanjakan you can continue the journey to the Hill of Love. The green of the valley covered with mist is very enchanting on this hill.

It is natural that many tourists often capture the moment by taking pictures in this place. Not far from the hill of Love, there is a hill Kingkong, which also not less beautiful. The two hills are often used as a point of view to see the sunrise in the morning.

Pasir Berbisik

pasir berbisik bromo mountain

Pasir Berbisik is a location in the area of Bromo Mounting Tourism, which is also a famous tourist visit. The site that often used as a place to shoot the movie is wonderful with an extensive view of blackish sand surrounded by green hills. To reach this location, you can use an offroad car that can rent with driver.

Teletubbies Hill

bromo mountain location

As the name of the Teletubbies hill is very similar to the small hills that exist in the movies children ‘Teletubbies’. These small hills covered with green grass that is well preserved, so it looks neat and beautiful.

Mount Bromo Crater

mount bromo crater

The crater of Mount Bromo is a mandatory location for you who come here. This location has dozens of stairs directly to the site of the crater. If you are not keen on the stairs, you can try another alternative by riding a horse that rent in the crater area.

Every year in this crater always held a kind of Festival Yadnya Kasada, an offering ceremony as a gratitude to God. This Festival is always crowded with local and foreign tourists.


Mount Bromo located in four regencies, namely Malang, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. To reach the location can use one of the routes from four districts.

Ticket Price

Local tourists pay 29.000 IDR per person on weekdays and 34.000 IDR during the weekend. Foreign tourists must pay 220.000 IDR per person on weekdays and 320.000 IDR on weekends.


Since Mount Bromo is a tourist destination, the facilities provided are also complete. Among them, restaurants, souvenir shops, lodging, and so forth.

Atmosphere and Security

The tourist destination of Mount Bromo, with its breathtaking natural scenery, creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Especially when the sun will rise, this moment will make you momentarily distracted from the daily routine. Regarding safety, of course, this destination is safe to visit from your body in healthy conditions when climbing.

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There are many inns, villas, cottages, and hotels around the Mount Bromo area for visitors who want to stay.

Mount Bromo Tour, which offers different holiday sensation, can be your choice of holiday destination this year. Don’t forget to share this exciting information on social media and let your friends know this interesting place. 

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