Morotai Island, the Island of Paradise in Eastern Indonesia

North Maluku has a very charming tourist attraction. Many of the island’s tourist spots in the region invite tourists to come. One of them is Morotai Island. This island is even one of the most favorite vacation spots in Eastern Indonesia.

If you have a vacation plan in North Maluku, Morotai Island is highly recommended for you to visit. What are the attractions? The following is a full review.


morotai island location

Located in the Halmahera Islands, North Maluku Province, Morotai Island is the outer island of Indonesia. Morotai Island is also strategic because it is on the Asia Pacific trade route and is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia.


morotai island indonesia

In the Morotai Islands, there are many interesting attractions for tourists to come. There are at least 25 dive points around Morotai Island that offer the extraordinary natural beauty of the sea, including Tanjung Wayabula, Dodola Point, Batu Layar Point, Tanjung Sabbatai Point, to Saminyamau.

All of these dive spots present an exotic view with clear blue sea water, various beautiful marine animals and plants, and coral reefs from the ruins of well-preserved battleships.

The natural beauty of Morotai Island is not only reflected under the sea but also on the mainland. A vast expanse of white sand spoils the eyes of visitors. Sunrise and sunset panoramas are also one of the most awaited moments by tourists.

Especially for Dodola Point, this tourist spot needs more attention because it is the most popular island in Morotai. The beauty of Dodola Beach sand is very white so that tourists can feel sunbathing on the beach. The view of the sea which is green, clear and bluish adds to the tourists’ admiration.

Dodola Island is also a favorite place for snorkeling and diving. On this island, there are also several shipwrecks and sunken warplanes – which can be used as a diving adventure. Dodola Island is called the Island of Heaven, because of its unspoiled natural conditions.

Entrance Fee

There is no entrance ticket to enter the Morotai Islands. You only need to pay for transportation to get to the island. For now, transportation in the city is only “Bentor” – a motorized type of transportation.

The price is around IDR 15,000.00/person for short distances. As for car rental price is about IDR 1,000,000.00/day (including fuel and driver).


There are several accommodations in Morotai Island you can choose. One of the best hotels in Morotai is D’Aloha Beach Resort. Located in Juanga, South Morotai, Morotai Island, this resort is strategic because it is close to some attractions.

It offers views of the gardens surrounded by towering coconut trees. Visitors at this inn will feel comfortable because of the professional service, friendly staff, and guaranteed security from the hotel management.

For hotel facilities and services you will enjoy karaoke, restaurant, room service, cleaning service, parking area, bath and toilet, shower, air conditioner, and TV. As for the room, facilities are broadcast, bath towels, soap, shampoo, and toilet.

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The beauty of Morotai island is very amazing. It is very appropriate as it is called a paradise island. Once you are satisfied exploring Morotai Island, before going home, take the time to a souvenir shop to buy souvenirs typical of Morotai, such as jewelry accessories made of white iron. You will get many interesting experiences on Morotai Island. Invite family and relatives to travel on the eastern island of Indonesia. Don’t forget to share it on social media so your friends know the attractiveness of this island.

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