A Brief on Indonesia Travel Guide to Help Your Explore

Indonesia is a country that is rich in nature, has various different kinds of culture and ethnics that make this country become unique and offers the countless number of wonders throughout its islands. The span from South Asia across to Oceania, Indonesia owns more than 17,000 islands with its own unique culture and nature to explore. You will need an ultimate Indonesia travel guide to help you explore this country better.

Embrace yourself to get mesmerized with each and every beauty provided by this jewel country of the equator. The popular Bali is only one of Indonesia’s beauty that will spoil you with its stunning nature, friendly local people, amazing beaches and dense forest to explore.

Where to Go in Indonesia

Indonesia with its rich nature, culture, friendly people and countless numbers of ancient relics offers myriads adventure and vacation to choose. Here are several places you may want to explore in this gorgeous country:


the island of bali

Called God’s island, this enigmatic island is the crown of Indonesia tourism. Bali is one of the many provinces in Indonesia that is internationally well-known for its beauty. You can explore the island of Bali for its stunning beaches, gorgeous nature with its lush green paddy fields, ancient temples, striking underwater adventure and many more.

Here are some Favourite Places to Visit in Bali:

Besakih Temple Bali

gunung agung bali

This enigmatic temple is considered to be the largest and the most important Hindu temple in Bali. As an active worship place, this temple opens for 24 hours for people who want to worship and pray. Any visitors are welcome here.

Besakih is located in Karangasem regency, about 2 hours driving from the International Ngurah Rai airport. It is close to Gunung Agung which is the highest mountain in Bali. Besakih temple entrance fee for adults is IDR 60,000 and IDR 3,000 for children. It will take you the whole day to explore the vast site. 


indonesia travel guide to ubub bali

This place is considered to be the heart of Bali island. Visitors from all over the world are eager to witness many ceremonial processions, traditional dances, art galleries in this very place. You can also make this place as your luxurious retreat and savor yourself with delightful cuisine from many celestial restaurants.


yogyakarta indonesia

Located in the Java island, Yogyakarta offers antiques and is rich in tradition and culture to explore. The folklore and myth that seem to cover this unique place is an unfathomable adventure for you to try. The one and only Borobudur are also located not far from this city.

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Favorite Places to Visit in Yogyakarta

Candi Borobudur

candi borobudur location

It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world built by the Shailendra dynasty in the 8th century. Located in a small city called Magelang about 43 kilometers from Yogyakarta, this site has a 3-tier structure. A giant stupa is at top of the structure, the chest of the cone is in the middle and a base in the shape of a pyramid with 5 concentric four-sided terraces.

It has reliefs that cover about 2,500 m2 of the temple’s walls. You need to walk clockwise to learn about the reliefs. A guide may be the best option to help you understand the site well.

Borobudur entrance fee for adults is IDR 350,000 and IDR 210,000 for children.

This site opens daily from 06:00 – 17:00 local time. Come earlier is highly recommended to help you avoid the crowd.

You need to dress properly on this site given that this is still an active place of worship. Make sure that you bring enough water during your tour exploring Borobudur. The temperature is usually hot so you need to keep yourself hydrated. 

Kraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace)

yogyakarta palace

This is the place where the king and his royal family live. The Javanese culture is still preserved in this very place, despite all the modern and the globalization rush that sweep over the world. You will find many antiques and ancient heritage that are well preserved in this place.

Kraton Yogyakarta entrance fee is pretty cheap i.e. IDR 15,000 (around USD 1). This 260-years-old palace opens daily for visitors from 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM; except for Fridays, it opens from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM. There is some live performance of traditional Javanese dances and music on certain days. You need to learn about the precise schedule for your best visit.


lombok island

Located in the east of Bali, this island offers crystal clear beaches with their white sand that will amaze you. The magnificent Mount Rinjani is a gorgeous scenery to adore. Move to Gili islands where you will find unspoiled coral reefs that make you want to stay a little bit longer there.


Indonesia travel guide to komodo island

The Flores derives from the Portuguese language “flowers”. It is located in the eastern part of the country that has the one and only largest lizard in the world i.e. Komodo dragon alive to admire. You may find out that this fearsome animal possesses a toxic bite that makes them look for greater prey.

You need to pay IDR 90,000 as your entrance fee to Komodo National Park. 


Indonesia travel guide to sulawesi

It is located in the eastern part of Indonesia that offers many amazing natural wonders and ancient culture. Visit Tana Toraja highlands in South Sulawesi and discover its unique culture to bury their dead along with the funeral rites called Rambu Solo.

Their ancestors are buried in a cliff and represented with a human-like doll. Its beautiful scenery along with the ancient and unique architecture of Torajan houses called Tongkonan is worth visiting.

In North Sulawesi, you can explore the gorgeous underwater beauty of Taman Nasional Bunaken (Bunaken National Park) that will make you stand in awe. You can snorkel, glass-bottom boat or dive in this gorgeous site to witness the stunning coral reefs and colorful fish in it.

If you are lucky, you can even witness a bunch of dolphins swimming around your boat.

The entrance fee to Bunaken is IDR 150,000 for foreigners and IDR 5,000 for the locals. Should you want to snorkel or dive in this site you can simply rent it at the available rental merchant.

The price for renting snorkeling gears is IDR 150,000 and IDR 350,000 for renting diving gears. You can also hire a guide to help you know the place better with IDR 150,000 as the fee for the guide.

You need to rent a boat to take you to Bunaken so that you can explore the stunning underwater beauty of North Sulawesi. You can rent a speedboat for up to 30 people starting from IDR 800,000 up to IDR 1,300,000.


kalimantan island

Indonesia occupies two-third of the southern Borneo where the island is mainly untouched. Dayak tribe with its unique traditional culture living in the dense rainforest is an ultimate adventure to explore. Visit Kutai National Park here and you may have the chance to personally meet Orangutans.

You can choose a package tour that will take you for an adventure to meet orangutans in this park. The package starts from ID 9,250,000 for 2-4 people that includes accommodation at camps, spend the night at a 3-star hotel in Samarinda and all transports to orangutans. Meals are also included in the package fee along with an English speaking ranger guide and any entrance fees during the tour.    


An island that will captivate your mind although it is mainly still unexplored. You can trek to its jungle to meet the famous Orangutans, visit Samosir island in Toba Lake as the heart of Batak tribe culture or surf at Pulau Weh. You can also visit Bukittinggi and learn about Minangkabau highlands or come to admire Danau Maninjau.

Popular Places to Visit in Sumatra

Samosir island

Indonesia travel guide to samosir island

This mainland that becomes the heart of the Batak tribe culture is located in the center of Danau Toba, the famous lake in North Sumatra. You can explore the island and discover the unique Batak houses along with their beautiful crafts. Ulos, which is the traditional cloth, is very iconic in a Batak culture that is worn by them nearly in every occasion and ceremony.

Bukit Lawang Orangutan Sanctuary

This site opens 24 hours a day, so you can make your own schedule that suits your time well. You can do the trekking in this place to look for orangutans. It’s a challenging adventure given that you may not even see a glimpse of orangutans.

However, you can still actually meet orangutans at their mealtime which is twice a day at 09:00 AM and 15:00 PM. A guide to help you trek the jungle may cost IDR 400,000, but it’s worth exploring

Hopefully, the above-mentioned brief information on the Indonesia travel guide may help you prepare and plan your upcoming vacation to this gorgeous country. Surely, you will still need thorough information about the particular tourist destination in Indonesia you want to visit.

Things like medical, travel insurance, the best possible accommodation, the best time when to visit this tropical country are among the important things you should carefully consider before executing your plan.

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