Discover Hidden Canyon Ubud Bali, Beautiful Cliff Painting

If you have a dream to visit Green Canyon’s famous tourist destination, you can now make it happen without having to go abroad. The Indonesian version of Green Canyon is in Hidden Canyon Ubud Bali.

Beautiful gorges with bright streams of water offer immense natural beauty. What kind of fun awaits you when you visit Hidden Canyon Bali?. Find out more from the following review.


hidden canyon bali

A lot of conversation tourist destinations, Hidden Canyon, is perfect for those of you who want to try the adventure outdoors. Because the path or access to the Hidden Canyon is quite cumbersome. It’s because you have to go through a pretty narrow road that is steep and must pass through the sheer cliffs with slippery rocks along the way.

We need to be extra careful and vigilant to go along the path to this Hidden Canyon, so it is not advisable to bring children as it is not safe enough for them.

Natural Relaxation Place

hidden canyon location

Arriving at the Hidden Canyon, you will spoil with the beautiful scenery. Plus the sound of river water flowing through the cracks will make your sense disappear instantly. This place is perfect as a relaxing location of mind after months of busy time with endless work.

Best Photo Spot

The mandatory activities that you must do when visiting the Hidden Canyon Gianyar Bali are taking photos with your spouse or best friend. Set in beautifully carved cliffs by nature plus the clear river will make your photos guaranteed cool and instagramable.


Hidden Canyon Bali located in Guwang Village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali, close to the Sukawati art market. From the city of Denpasar, it is about 14 Km to Guwang village. The journey is then followed by walking to the Hidden Canyon Gorge.

Ticket Price

Domestic tourists charged a ticket price of 15.000 IDR per person, for foreign tourists, surely the price will be higher. If you want to rent an additional guide around 120.000 IDR.


There are several hotels around the Hidden Canyon Bali area for you to stay. The price offered is varied depending on the completeness of the hotel facilities provided that visitors can enjoy.


Hidden Canyon Nature Tourism located far from the city hustle, of course, the atmosphere will be much quieter, peaceful, the air you breathe will also feel fresher. So, some people who visit here are primarily looking for tranquillity by doing yoga or meditation.


For children, of course, the destination is not safe, so only the old enough adults can be here because, given the steep path that must pass to reach the location.

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hidden canyon ubud bali

In the location of the Hidden Canyon, facilities are not adequate to ensure the convenience of visitors. There are only a few small stalls selling food and drinks for hungry diners.

A few tips for you who are interested in visiting the Hidden Canyon Sukawati Bali. It is best to visit during the dry season to avoid too large streams. Visit in the morning to be the best time, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes and you should use the service guide, so you do not get lost. Nature Tourism Hidden Canyon Ubud Bali offers a fun and challenging holiday experience for the traveler. So make sure that this destination is on your traveling list this time. Don’t forget to share this interesting info on your social media so your friends and companions can update this exciting destination.

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