G-Land Banyuwangi, Favorite Tourist Destinations for Surfing

Banyuwangi offers very charming natural beauty. One of the regencies in East Java not only has Ijen Crater tourist destination but also other natural beauty with the opportunity to become an international tourist. The tourist object is called Plengkung Beach or people know it as the G-Land Banyuwangi.

This beach is called G-Land Beach Banyuwangi because of its location in the Grajagan bay which begins with the letter “G”. Some say the name comes from the shape of the beach waves like the letter “G”. However, whatever it is, this beach is interesting to visit.


g-land location

G-Land Beach is on the southeastern tip of Java Island, precisely in Purworejo, Kalipait, Tegaldlimo, Banyuwangi. This beach is one of the ranks of the southern coast of Java, which is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean.


g-land banyuwangi attractions

Plengkung beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations for surfing. This beach has very large and rolling waves, where many surfing lovers look for it. It is also famous for having the best waves in Southeast Asia for surfing and is one of the 7 beaches with the best waves in the world.

Because it has excellent waves for surfing, most visitors are lovers of this sport. Surfing on this beach provides a special experience for surfers because the waves can reach heights of 8 meters. If you are just learning to surf, therefore, you should not do it on this beach.

For visitors who do not want to surf, this beach can still provide the best views. You can explore this beautiful and exotic beach freely. You can also get on a boat to get a closer look at the way the surfer carries out his attractions on the rolling waves.

Tourists can also enjoy the beauty of this beach by tracking. The beach inside Alas Purwo National Park has various other interesting spots, such as snorkeling, fishing, diving, and caving.

Entrance Fee

Plengkung Beach location is in the Alas Purwo National Park area. Therefore, to enter this beach, you have to pay the entrance fee twice. The entrance ticket to Alas Purwo National Park is IDR 5,000.00/person and the ticket to cross the protected forest is IDR 5,000.00/visitor.


g-land banyuwangi

Around the coast, there are many hotels. However, hotels and restaurants on Plengkung beach are quite expensive for domestic tourists. This is because the accommodation here adjusts the class of foreign visitors. The average price is around IDR 1,000,000.00/person/night.

However, if you are looking for a hotel near the beach location, G-Land Joyo’s Camp is recommended for you. The distance is only a few steps from the beach. This 3-star property has stunning natural views with the feel of a dense forest.

Don’t worry about security because the security system at this hotel is very sophisticated. This property has CCTV outside the accommodation, smoke alarms, and 24 hour-security. Likewise, friendly servants are ready to help you anytime.

The hotel has also complete facilities, such as shuttle service and guide, free Wi-Fi, rooms with private terraces and views of greenery. Some rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, refrigerators, and TVs.

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The beautiful beach of Plengkung will provide a memorable holiday experience with family. This beach tour offers all activities about the sea, from challenging sports like surfing, snorkeling, diving, to relaxing by the beach. G-Land Banyuwangi is one of the best beach tourism in East Java. If you like challenges, don’t miss to conquer the ferocious G-Land waves. Share on your social media if there are friends who are interested in a vacation at this beach.

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