Visiting the Best Marine Life in Bunaken National Park

If you want to feel the sensation of scuba diving in one of the most beautiful crystal clear water, you should go to Bunaken. You will be more than delighted to see fantastic coral, pelagic fish, and many more great things in a system of marine parks.

Bunaken National Marine Park covers approximately 80.000 hectares (97% sea). It includes five beautiful islands named Bunaken, Siladen, Nain, Montehage and Manado Tua. The park becomes special because it supports the highest biodiversity of marine life on earth.

Where and How To Get There

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Located on the Northern Tip of Sulawesi, Bunaken is easy to reach. To go there, you should make a way to Manado, which you can get by flight from some big cities, such as Bali, Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. After that, you can take a public ferry or pay for a private boat to go to Bunaken.

Before enjoying the beauty of Bunaken National Park, visitors have to pay the entrance fee. For foreign visitors, the cost is Rp50.000,00 per day or Rp150.000,00 valid for a visit. There are many choices of accommodations, such as affordable lodgings, high-end bungalows, beautiful Bunaken resort, or a guesthouse.

What You Can Enjoy

More than the scenery, there are many things to do in Bunaken. Therefore, you should spend at least three days for the trip.

Various Activities

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There are countless activities to do in Bunaken. Here are some of them:

  1. Snorkelling – You can do this activity in so many spots. You can ask your guide about where and how to rent snorkelling gear.
  2. Diving – there are more than 25 spots to do Bunaken diving. The activity lets you explore many types of corals, 2.000 or more fish species living around them. You can ask about where to find diving gear when you pay the entrance fee.
  3. Hiking – Climb the Manado Tua Volcano, or hike along the islands footpath
  4. Dolphin Watching – The tremendous biodiversity in Bunaken becomes a home for several endangered animals, such as dugongs, sea turtles, coelacanths, whales and dolphins. Ask your guest to know when and where to watch the dolphins.


If you plan to do scuba diving in beach, it is better to take diving insurance. Therefore, when any accidents happen, you can get high qualified coverage and medical assistance service. Some insurance gives worldwide coverage, so it is the best for you who has a hobby.

Enjoying Nature, Relaxing in Bunaken

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With all the things that you can find in Bunaken, no wonder this place becomes one of the most favorite tourist destinations. You can enjoy nature, get away from the routines, relax and preserve the ecosystem. You can ask for some educational programs to know the positive impacts that the visitors can make.

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Hopefully, this information helps you to arrange an unforgettable trip to Bunaken. Especially if this is your first experience. If you think this information is useful, do not forget to share it on your social media.

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