Besakih Temple Entrance Fee for Your Ultimate Bali Vacation

The famous Besakih temple is the largest Hindu temple in Bali. It consists of approximately 86 temples including Pura Penataran Agung along with 18 others. Locally known as Pura Besakih Agung you need to get your Besakih temple entrance fee to be able to explore this magnificent sanctuary.

The Hindu temple complex is surrounded by an awesome scenery, given that it is burrowed in the middle of lush green fields, streams, hills and mountains. It is considered as the most important and the holiest place of worship in Bali. It holds certain ceremony that attract many foreign tourists to witness something special and splendid. 

Besakih Temple History in a Brief

besakih temple bali

It is believed that Besakih is founded by a Javanese priest who lived in Bali in the 10th century AD called Sri Markandeya who is Since Javanese Majapahit conquer Bali in 1343, Besakih has become very important to the locals.

However, the history dates back to megalithic era of which Pura Batu Madeg was constructed around a dominant rock. Some inscriptions and ancient manuscripts did tell about Besakih Temple Bali.

Besakih Temple Location

besakih temple location

This magnificent temple is located in Gunung Mas street, Besakih, Rendang Sub-district, Karangasem Residence, Bali. It is about 68 km away from Ngurah Rai International airport that will take you about 2-hour drive to reach its site. Besakih temple from Ubud area will have you to drive for one and a half hour; 50 km of enjoying the road and the view on the way to the temple.

Located close to the highest and the most important mountain in Bali, Mount Agung, Pura Besakih is settled in a 1,000-meter altitude area. You will discover that this site is easily reachable from all over Bali. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to help you get to Pura Besakih; thus, you need to rent a car at a trusted Bali car rental.

The entrance fee is IDR 60,000 for adults and IDR 30,000 for children. You can buy the ticket in the ticket counter located at the entrance gate. 

Besakih Temple Opening Hours

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Being the most important place to worship, this place opens 24 hours a day for every person who wish to worship. However, this site also opens for visitors from all over the world who wish to sightsee this grand temple.

If you want to explore this magnificent site, it is recommended for you to come at early in the morning and evening. The reason is because the complex will be less busy during those hours.

Besakih Temple holds Odalan (ceremony) on April, 10th. If your Bali holiday itinerary match the date, you can simply visit this site and get mesmerized with the vibrant celebration they hold. Make sure that you arrive on the site before 9 to avoid a flock of tourists coming by bus.

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So, do you think that Pura Besakih Entrance Fee is somehow cheap that makes the site is worth visiting? In fact, you will soon discover many gorgeous and magnificent things to experience upon visiting the temple complex.

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